I am an interdisciplinary artist who navigates psychology, philosophy and meditation to create interactive experiences that help us return back to the now.

My fascination begins with the effect of meditative states of awareness in which we feel an immediate sense of wholeness with our surroundings. In these mystifying states our senses possess the capacity to melt into an experience totally free from boundaries, counteracting the notion that we are separated from our environment.

In this world of one pretending to be many, I believe it is this illusion of separation that lies at the root of our predicament.

I hold deep concerns and profound hope for all life on earth, and try to find new ways to positively reshape our perspectives on current developments. By maintaining an understanding that mind precedes matter, I uphold that to change our world, we must first change our minds.

With my work I intend to contribute to this cognitive maturation of society and aim to provoke people to act now, to act intuitively and to regain connection with the Self.

My work can be described as a catalyst to meditation, steadily opening the door to the mental mechanisms that mould our machinations of reality.

The work ultimately tries to instill a subtle intuition of the connection between perceiver and perceived, as it deliberately persuades a movement of awareness between the inner and the outer world.

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